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Renewable Energy Market Research-Project Examples

 Solar, Wind (Onshore, Offshore), Hydro, Tides, Waves, Geothermal, Biofuel-Biomass. Air And Water Heating/Cooling, Transportation, Rural (Off-Grid) Energy Services, Communications, Defense and Security. Generation, Transmission, Distributed Power. Commercial, Government, Industrial. 

 Standby Power Solutions For Solar and Wind Operations-Market Assessment, Key Customer Strategies

Project Scope: A provider of gas turbine power systems and generator sets required a custom assessment of the US market opportunity for standby power to support large-scale solar and wind power operations serving electrical utility grids. Wind and solar produce energy only when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining, and there was increasing interest in clean standby power.

As the grid has little storage capacity, power output must be maintained at all times. Diesel engines, the traditional choice for intermittent power generation, appeared less attractive due to concern over harmful emissions. This company felt its cleaner power solutions could deliver an attractive advantage.

 Advanced Forecasting Solutions-Wind and Solar Power Site Selection-Opportunity Assessment

Project Scope: A provider of advanced meteorological solutions was interested in expanding its business in the growing renewable wind and solar power forecasting market.Accurate wind and solar power generation forecasting models for candidate farm and site location was increasingly important to the electric power industry including generation companies, power producers, utilities, market analysts and traders, and power system and electricity market operators. This company needed to better understanding if its capabilities in meteorology, geospatial data, image science, and predictive  analytics could provide unique commercial value in wind and solar, and if this could be an attractive new area for growth.

ExecutionThis involved statistical analysis of latest published research as well as in-house research. Direct research was conducted with key decision-makers at major ISOs/RTOs (Independent System Operators/Regional Transmission Organizations. These included ISOs in California, New York and Texas as well as RTOs in PJM Interconnection, Midcontinent, Southwest Power Pool, and New England.

Key questions included: current solutions used, problems and unmet needs, changing  requirements, interest in company solutions, potential market size and growth, expected price ranges. This customized approach was important as the solar and wind power market was highly dynamic, cost structures were becoming more efficient, and there was increasing emphasis on accurate renewable generation predictions for grid integration.                             

Result: this company now had a current understanding of the state of this market and was able to better value its potential solutions in comparison to current offerings. This allowed it to accelerate internal product design decisions and plan marketing and sales staffing toward a new growth business in a rapidly expanding market.        

ExecutionThis assignment analyzed latest published data on this market opportunity, and also involved direct research with key contacts at leading solar power sites including Mid-American Solar, NRG Energy as well as decision-makers in wind power at top ISOs/RTOs (Independent System Operators/Regional Transmission Organizations).

These included ISOs in California, New York and Texas as well as RTOs in PJM Interconnection, Midcontinent, Southwest Power Pool, and New England. Key questions addressed: current practices, changing needs, major drivers for change, current technology solutions, average current pricing, new competitors entering the market, market size and growth, list of key sales prospects, and other factors.  


Result: This foundational research provided a solid starting point for this company's investigation of this market.

The level of detail, particularly direct feedback from key players currently in the market, gave this company a high level of confidence to proceed further with investments in initial product development, marketing and sales staffing.

Integration of clean renewable power for critical, secure microgrids (hospitals, military bases, data centers) 

Project Scope: A leading supplier of clean-burning, natural gas turbine engines was seeking to diversify and expand its business in the growing microgrid commercial market, in particular segments where continuous power was essential (hospitals, military, data centers, other). Microgrids can be complex, weather related incidents, cyber attacks and other situations can affect continued operation, and there was a growing need for standby and backup power generation.


This appeared to be a growing and attractive market, but this company required an independent assessment with detailed recommendations on market entry strategies prior to making internal investment.

Execution This assessment relied heavily on direct interviews with key decision makers and industry experts associated with various secure microgrid operations. Key topics included: current solutions, unmet needs, and future requirements. This involved detailed competitive analysis on current standby and backup power generation gathering insights on advantages and disadvantages including future competitive strategies.


This custom analysis also assembled the latest information on this market landscape including in-house data, calculating future market size and growth including reasonable company market share.  


Result: As a result of this independent, custom opportunity assessment, this company now had a current and comprehensive understanding of this market and potential returns. This allowed it to greatly accelerate development of its sales and marketing strategy.

Active vibration control and sensors for renewable power integration-market opportunity assessment

Project Scope: A company with advanced vibration control and sensors was seeking to expand and diversify into renewable energy and smart grid market. Solar and wind power require advanced control technologies for high performance and reliable power generating operation, and advanced control strategies involving vibration dampening and sensor integration were a major growing area.


This opportunity was highly attractive to this company, but given the rapid change and evolution underway in this industry, they required an independent assessment and recommendation on market entry strategy and expansion.

Execution This assessment relied heavily on direct engagement with key decision-makers in the renewables and smart grid sectors. Key topics covered: current solutions, changing requirements, unmet needs, most important capabilities, and target system areas of highest priority. This also involved extensive competitive analysis including engagement with competitive suppliers at leading trade events (conducted unbranded, not acknowledging company as sponsor).


Select secondary data from published and in-house sources was also assembled, and independent calculations on market size, growth, and reasonable share were developed.


Result: This independent research including detailed market entry, product feature recommendations and channel strategy approaches proved to be extremely valuable in helping this company make fact-based decisions on this investment. It significantly shortened its original internal timetable for strategic planning, and pave the way for successful new growth and a highly dynamic sector.

Advanced Generator Sets-Biomass-Biogas Facility Power Generation, District Heating, Combined Heat and Power, Various Feedstocks, Global Market Opportunity Assessment, Competitive Analysis, Key Country Entry Strategies

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