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Type of Projects

  • New Market Opportunity Assessment

  • New Solution (Product, System, Platform) Research

  • Multiple Market Opportunities, Highest Potentials, Research Assessment

  • Acquisition Candidates, Key Segments, Potential Targets, Recommendations 

  • US and Global Opportunities, Top Addressable Targets, Key Requirements

  • Contract-Program Capture Support, Price To Win, Competitive Analysis, Proposal Strategy 

  • Technology Partner (Co-Venture) Candidates, Potential Targets, Assessment, Recommendations

  • Marketing, Sales, Business Plan Strategy, Preparation Support

Energy Market Research Custom Client Projects

Our firm conducts custom energy market research and strategy assignments for clients seeking new growth in U.S. and global Energy markets. 


Now undergoing unprecedented change, energy markets offer unique opportunities for differentiated solutions that are true improvements vs. traditional offerings.                              

​Successful suppliers to these energy markets are solution providers, not commodity providers. They must have relevant, current understanding of energy customer requirements, future opportunities, competitive solutions and activity, win business, and be able to keep it.

Our clients have unique technologies and capabilities and need more than general market data, off-the-shelf research reports to be successful. 


Since 1999, our firm has conducted critical projects for major companies: AeroVironment, BAE Systems, Ensign Bickford, Huntington Ingalls, Lord Corp, MSA Safety, MTU Aero Engines-Vericor, Teledyne, and many others. 


Clients rely on the custom energy research, tailored analysis, and detailed recommendations developed by our Associates and staff researchers to make critical decisions they otherwise could not make. Our contribution is always incremental to what they can develop internally.  


We maintain a broad range of energy industry contacts. Many projects involve extensive, in-depth engagement with subject matter experts, key decision makers, and competitor intelligence.  


All assignments are executed confidentially, commonly under an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).  

What our clients say about us? Please visit Recommendations on our Senior Partner, Steve Shea's LinkedIn profile 

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