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Water Management Market Research-Project Examples 

 Surface, Groundwater. Municipal, Private Water Utilities, Residential, Agricultural, Industrial Markets. Water Reuse: Food & Beverage, Power, Oil & Gas, Mining. Water, Wastewater treatment. Desalination, Pump Stations, Desalination.

 New Technology Solutions-Market Opportunity Assessments

Water Resources Projects

1-Water Quality Analytical Instrumentation-VOCs: assessment of market potential of new line of instrumentation for in situ real-time detection and monitoring of volatile organic compounds for industrial, municipal, and agricultural facilities (to comply with NPDES permitting). Its new solutions offered faster, repeatable, lower cost analyses options to traditional sample based techniques. 

2-Mobile Wastewater Treatment: analysis of industry interest in new, mobile, portable treatment solutions for wastewater at remotely located frac sites, other rural applications.

3-Portable Desalination: market opportunity analysis of new power system solution for mobile industrial desalination for reusing-repurposing saline water for critical processes, and providing sustainable sources of fresh water for various applications including hydraulic fracturing wastewater treatment.

4-Water Flood Abatement: analysis of opportunity for high-power systems to drive dewatering pumps deployed during major storms (hurricanes, natural disasters), for flood control and storm water applications.

Execution-Each Project

These assignments involved detailed analysis of each market opportunity covering market drivers and constraints, current solutions, price points, changing requirements, regulatory influencers (federal, state, local), market size and growth projections.

Direct interviews were conducted in with key decision-makers in each water segment (operations managers, production engineers, health and safety directors, regulatory and compliance officials, current suppliers, and others) to assess interest, underlying reasons, and gather suggestions 


Independent recommendations were made regarding specific business-building actions companies should implement including lists of specific prospects to pursue, and assessment of risks and rewards.  


Each of these custom research assessments and recommendations enabled the sponsoring companies to make informed decisions on market entry, and significantly accelerate their internal business planning timetables.

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