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General Questions Only-Just Trying to Plug Some Gaps-Any Would Be Very Helpful-Thanks! Steve Shea 781 245-6376 

1-Monitoring? New Regs?  Do you foresee new monitoring solutions needing to measure specifically methane AND other monitoring solutions measuring the broader range of VOC’s?


2-PPM levels? Will levels of methane or VOC detection likely continue to be the same with new technologies like 500ppm LDAR and 10,000 ppm FLIR, or could they be tighter? 


3-EPA federal vs. individual states? Can states develop their methane or VOC regulations and can they be tighter or more demanding than federal EPA? Can one state have much tougher mandates than others?


4-When (what years) will EPA likely start approving new methane and VOC monitoring solutions?


5-General suggestions: do you have for any company who is interested in developing the right products for this evolving market area? One with very broad technical capability, can develop many different kinds of solutions?


6-Will methane and VOC regs ultimately prohibit intentional (venting, flaring) releases so regulatory focus will primarily be fugitive (unintentional) monitoring)?


7-Any thoughts how I might do methane and VOC monitoring solution market sizing, adoption curve for different types of monitoring instruments in high methane emitting O&G sectors over next 5-10 years? 


8-Others To talk with? general questions like above? Any other suggestions?  

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